Monday, April 4, 2011

Soda can cut outs

Hi Guys, I got a lot of questions about the die cuts that I cut out of the soda cans, so I wanted to answer them for ya.  The cans are extremely easy to cut with the Tim Holtz scissors.  I don't know about any other scissors, cause those are the only ones that I used.  The can is not sharp at all after you cut it open, it is nothing like the hole is where you drink out of.  The metal is easily colored with alcohol inks, and copics, or markers of that sort.  It is easily punched, or pierced.  When you die cut it, there is no sharp edge there either.  I hope that answered all of your questions. I hope you all try it, and I would love to see what you all do with it!! Thanks for all the questions, and thanks for all your patience while I was sick! All of your packages will be in the mail today!! Thanks again guys, karen<3


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this info!

  2. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!

  3. I've tried this about 6 months ago....I love that you can cut and punch cans. I bought metal cutting shears from Lowes. They are about $8.99. I've never seen the Tim Holtz that he makes them! You cuts were just beautiful always!
    Feel better...

  4. Thanks for the info! Hope your feeling better.

  5. Hi Karen!

    I received the un-do in the mail!! Can't wait to undo something!

    Thanks for the cuts too, can't wait to use them!


  6. Hi Karen, just stopping to say HI and thanks for sharing more infor on the soda cans cuts:)Have a fantastic weekend!!


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