Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

 Hey Guys, Sorry for my absence, but things have been crazy around here!! My son had this horrible virus, that spread through his school, and on 1 day there were 150 kids absent, or dismissed.  They had to call the Board of Health!! Then my Colitis was acting up, and I needed to have IV fluids.  So it has been a fun month!! LOL  Then after all the sickness, things really got weird!! In the Friday, ir I guess technically Saturday early morning, my dogs were growling in there sleep, barking a little, and pacing around.  I was watching a marathon of Reality T.V. when Paul (my hubby) came downstairs, and said "Did you hear that?" and I said no, but the dogs are acting weird.  He said come and look at this.  I look out the window to see a TURKEY, yes, a TURKEY walking around on my driveway.  So there it was, a turkey, I don't know if any of you have ever seen a Turkey up close, but they have these HUGE claws, (my son has corrected me, apparently called Talons) whatever, but they are huge, about 3 or 4 inches long.  They were pointy, and very scary!!  After the Turkey incident, on Saturday, things were fine, until Sunday (Easter) we went to my parents house for dinner, which is always fun, because my sister still has little kids.  Although my children woke up asking, "Are we ready to hunt for eggs?" Which in most cases would have been a reasonable question, except the child that was asking the question, was my 20 yr old daughter!! Now normally I would hide them, because the kids for some unknown reason, find that even though they get a basket filled with all kinds of candy, and little gifts, finding a pink plastic eggs filled with a few jelly beans is so much better!! So that would normally happen, that is until last year.  Hiding eggs for 3 little children, is pretty easy, I have to admit.  You can put a bright yellow egg, on a black couch, and that is probably the last one that they would find!! So we did still hide the eggs, every year, but that was until what we call the Easter Incident of 2010!!  The night before Easter last year, after the kids went to bed (which for most Easter Bunny's that is 8:00) but when the Easter Bunny is hiding eggs for 3 teenagers, it is more like midnight.  So trying to make it a little more difficult that the yellow egg on a black couch.  The kids got up, found the eggs, and we all headed off to my parents house.  When we came home, it was dark, so we turned on the lights, after a few minutes, there was a weird glow coming from the living room,  Apparently, in an effort to make finding eggs a little more difficult, we hid an egg on top of a lamp, and when we turned on the light, it caught on fire!!  So that was the end of egg hiding at the Driscoll's.  So we headed to my mom and Dad's house at about 1:15.  My mom had called and asked if we could stop and pick up my 91yr old Great Aunt Nellie. (really, her name is Nellie) So of course we said yes,  You have to understand, that Nellie, can not hear very well, but she refuses to get a hearing aide, ready for this, because it will make her look old!! Yes, my Great Aunt Nellie, who used to be 5'4", is now about 4'11", and her hair is thinning, she sits on a pillow at dinner, and to drive, yes she drives, doesn't want to look old.  So we call her when we are close to her house, so she will watch for us, because she can't hear when we ring the buzzer. I called and told her we were almost there, and she said that the door to the building was open, so all I had to do is go down the stairs and knock on her apt. door.  Even though I called her, and told her we were there, and went into the building, and down to her apt, and knocked on her door of her apt.  she doesn't hear me banging in her door! Now I have to go back outside, and walk to the car, to get my cell phone, that my hubby told me to bring with me in the first place, and have to listen to the I told you from him, and then go back to the building, and down the stairs, to her apt, where I then have to call her, and let it ring a thousand times, till she hears it ringing, the she finally answers it and says, "Are you almost here?"  We finally get her in the car, which was an event in itself, and we get to my parents house, where yes people, there was an egg hunt!!!  My kids were thrilled, but had to let the Easter Bunny know, that when hiding eggs filled with Chocolate, their best bet is not to put them in the sun!!
The next few hours were actually uneventful, but after dinner, we heard this roar, and we thought that we were on the set of MASH !!  The kids all came running in the house yelling, about the helicopter that was landing in the street, well it was not in the street, but it was landing, in my parents neighbors yard.  The people that live there own a few car dealerships, and apparently he comes and goes by helicopter frequently.                    

This is probably not a huge big deal, unless you ask my parents other neighbor, who also had company also for Easter dinner, and they had just left the dining room to do dishes, so as they are doing dishes, and the helicopter is landing, the blades of the copter kicked up a rock, that went through their dining room window, and landed on their table! Police were called, and windows were taped up, all is well. Now I know that you are all saying to yourselves, Karen, that has to be it, nothing else could happen, but I would have to say to you, sorry people but that is not  the end.  After the helicopter was safely back  in the sky, and we were staring down some Chocolate cream pie, Brownies, ice cream and cookies, the kids were yelling again. We all ran outside to find this, an albino Ferret!  We had no idea where it came from, but we were all worried that if we didn't do something, it would get run over  or anything, so another call was made to  the Police dept. and to the Animal control officer, who took the little guy away to hopefully find his family!! So to wrap this up,  I have not picked the winners of the stencil challenge, and I will get to that!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and an uneventful Easter!!                                            Karen♥


  1. Hallelujah she's back! I needed a good chuckle Karen & you came thru as usual!

  2. I was just about to send you a message to make sure you were alright! Glad to have you back and blogging again :)
    Thanks for the do know how to tell a story. I want to come and hang with you for just one crack me up
    Happy Easter (belated)

  3. Oh my Karen....I was going to tell you that we had a turkey hanging around the yard last summer. I just could not believe it and I did get photos of him too. Then I keep reading and you one up-ed me with the helicopter story AND then the albino ferret!! I did see a white rat one time when I was doing my daily walking and my husband thought I had gone mad and was hallucinating when I told him about it!

    Glad you are back and you and your son is feeling better!!

  4. Oh my goodness! It has to be fun at your house :O) Tee Hee Hee I'm hoping everyone is feeling better though!

  5. Karen, you are a hoot! You can see how everyone just loves your stories. Glad you're doing better and that you're back to tell us more!--Pat N.

  6. Sounds like some crazy, fun stuff has been going on! Welcome back!

  7. You really know how to tell a story!! Oh my, crazy, crazy stuff (some funny as well). I am sure you just wish for an uneventful holiday!!!

    Take good care. See you Saturday!! Woohoo!!!


  8. You tell such a great story! I am sitting here laughing, and my 4 year old is asking me what's so funny! I love to hear the excitement/rants in your life. Mine is pretty uneventful for the most part, so I'm glad you have stories to share. :)

  9. Welcome back - glad your son is doing better


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