Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hey Guys, I'm Off

Hey guys, today is the day, the CKU in Manchester.  I can't wait to go! I promise I will bring back a wealth of knowledge to share with you, as well as photo's to share with you!! I will miss you, as I know as you will miss me.  I hope you have a Fabulous Saturday, and I will be back tomorrow with I an sure a story or 2.



  1. Can't wait to hear all about it Karen!--Pat N.

  2. Hi Karen - it was so awesome to meet you and your friend! Lunch was great. I hope the rest of your classes went well. We took a Copic class and let me tell you, it was awful. It was suppose to be an hour and it was 30 minutes. We didn't learn anything! Other than that the rest of the day went well, shopping and all!!!


  3. I agree.. it was so nice to meet you gals for lunch.. I'm so glad we went, CK was a blast. As Laurie mentioned above..the COPICS class was a flop. The others were great.. Shopping was definately great. I finally read your turkey, melted chocolate, helicopter, ferret story.. LMFAO too! Hope your feeling better too. WE should definately see about any crops going on and try to meet up for one..that would be a blast!


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