Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some stuff I have been working on!!

Hi guys, I also wanted to show you some of the things that I have been working on are just some items to put away for my next craft fair, or just to keep aside for little gifts to have on hand,  Let me warn you that my camera has been acting up, and I know what you are saying  "Oh no Karen, not the day before Bon Jovi" I know people, I am saddened beyond belief , but my friend Kim will be there with her camera, and I know she will share.  Now I want to warn you there will be a couple of reasons that I would not come back from my overnight trip to see my guys, 1) I got hit by a truck in the parking lot 2) While waiting for Bon Jovi to start, I put my last quarter in a slot machine, won a million dollars, and left on a plane to Fiji 3) Jon Bon Jovi, finally came to his senses and left his wife and came to me and asked me to run off with him!  Now I really don't anticipate any of these things happening, but I am open to all of them, well I am not really open to #1 so think of me in your prayers, and I will remember to look both ways! Anyway (sorry, if you don't know by now, I tend to run off on tangents every once in a while!!  So, here are some of the things I have been doing, I might go back and personalize some of the things. I never really finish things off until I know where they are going, this leaves me time to make them personal if they end up for that, or stick a flower on it if it ends up at a fair. So I will maybe put a post up tomorrow, or if I am to busy getting ready for my Jon, I will be back late on Sat, or on Sunday!   Here are my bad photos:


  1. So awesome Karen. I love them. I love, love the colors!!!

  2. These are amazing Karen! I love the color combo! Enjoy Bonjovi - have never seen him live but have heard he puts on a great show! I hope #1 doesn't happen but either of the other 2 I would be happy for you :) Sending prayers for a safe trip.

  3. Ooh! I love those little post-it/pen booklets. About this same time last year, I was busy making 30 of them as thank you gifts for my office baby shower. Where do you get your pens btw? I just happened to walk into an office supply store that had a sale on mini-G2 gel pens, but they haven't gone on sale since and other pens just aren't short enough for the 3" pads..

  4. These are so cute, Karen! I'm also one of those who doesn't finish things until I know where they're going.... aaaaand, I'm very chatty sometimes too! It's hard for me not to be that way but I'm going to practice. I'm still jealous that you get to see Bon Jovi and I don't so I hope you'll share some pictures with us. I don't care whose camera they're from! LOL Have a great time!


  5. your project is so the bow and the soft colors.tfs


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