Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hi Guys!!

Hi guys, unfortunately, I am still not feeling well, so I am just here to let my winners of the un-du, and the Peachy Keen stamps that there prizes will be going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, and I hope I can get over this sickness, to even have the energy to craft!!LOL

Thanks again for you patience,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sorry all

Hi guys, sorry that I still have not finished this,award, and everything to go with it, I am fighting an infection, and a reaction to the antibiotic that I was given to me. Sorry all, I hope I feel better tomorrow,I will also have winners candy out, as soon as I can, and I have a new video I want to make and put up. Sorry guys karen<3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another RAK Wish list

Hey guys, I have another Wish list RAK, this is from Robin!!  Thanks again Robin!!!

RAk's and Wishlist

Hi guys  I wanted to share with you a RAK that I got from one of the girls over at the scrappyhappiness.ning website, I made a video to share!!

I hope you guys check it out, it is so much fun over there.  So this RAK is from Mataya, or Taya22

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


HEY Its winners time !!!!!!! I have winners, sorry for the wait!! The first winners are from the un-du challenge. If you made a project/card ect. for this challenge, you had great odds of winning, there were 2 prizes, so 2 winners, and there were, 6 entries. After I took my comments out of the equation, and comments from other bloggers, there was only 6 entrants, so 2 in 5 odds aren't to Shabby. O.K. on to the winners, 1st winner of a bottle of Awesome un-du is Jessica at , and winner #2 is Carri at  Please go and check out their blogs, both of them are awesome!!! congrats to both of you, Please email me at!! Great Job, by all !!!!!
Now for the winner of the AWESOME Peachy Keen Stamps, that was donated by Kathy at Peachy Keen Stamps, Thanks again Kathy!! So the winner is Tami, at  Congratulations girls!!!!! If you could all email me your address at, and you can grab the winners badge on the right hand side top corner of my blog and I will get your candy out this week.  Thanks to everyone who participated on the Blog Hop, and for my Challenge!!!!!  Thanks again,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My undercover Work!!!

Hi All.
I was recently on a blog that I love to go to, and she tried an experiment.  She often gives away free Digital Stamps, and she felt that people were coming to her blog just to get her free stamps.  So she Put up a free stamp, and gave a free extra stamp, but she didn't tell anyone that they were getting an extra freebie. The only way to get, or know about the extra freebie was to read the entire post, and then leave a comment. Anyway, she found that more than half of the people came just for the free stamp.  So I decided to try it, because I was kinda sad about the lack of participation in my last challenge, and I wondered if it were about the blog candy, because it was un-du, and a lot of people do not really know what it is.  So I was in a blog hop this weekend and I decided to try it out. I wasn't going to post a picture of my blog candy, I was going to show it at the end of my video.  I also told people that I didn't want them to follow unless they liked my work/blog and wanted to follow.  I got 20 comments on my blog for the hop, and 7 followers.  I checked the other girls that were in the hop, and found that the ones that had a picture of blog candy had around 50 comments.  The ones that had no visible candy about 10, so I guess I got my answer. So thank you to those of you that read my blog, and watched my video, for you are the lucky ones, because you all have have a 1 in 20 chance of winning some awesome candy, Peachy Keen awesome stamps. I really want to thank my regular followers, you are the best, and for those of you who liked the video, and the blog, and left your awesome comments, and those of you that became a follower because you wanted to, I also thank you.  I will probably do the drawing on Monday.  Thanks againfor those of you that took the time to watch. comment, and follow karen<3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Music Blog Hop!!!

Hi All!! Welcome to the Music Blog Hop!!  If you just came here from seeing Jenny's Awesome Blog at / If you were just coming to visit ME, and that makes me happy, or if you just stumbled upon my blog and this Musical Blog Hop, then you should start at the beginning, so you don't miss a beat(hahaha, get it, BEAT LOL) sorry, I couldn't resist. If you want to start at the beginning, please go see Jillian at .If you are in right place, thanks for stopping by, and I hope enjoy!! The song that I chose is the song that my husband and I danced to on our wedding day. Can I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life, by Anne Murray.We chose this song because of the lyrics, and what they meant to us, but it is funny, because the lyrics though they remain the same, the meaning of the song has changed for us. On our wedding day it meant that we didn't want anything to change from the way that we felt on that day, just the 2 of us together forever.  Then we had a baby, and even though people tell you about how you will feel when you have a baby, you don't really get it until you do have a baby. We then had 2 more beautiful babies. That is when the meaning of that song changed for us, it went from our dance just the 2 of us, to our family, our beautiful family, the dance that we'll have for the rest of our lives. This is the link for the song if you would like to hear it, and if I did it right! LOL



Thursday, March 17, 2011

un-du Challenge!!!

Hi All,
Sorry I was not here yesterday, but I was not feeling to well:(  Do not fear my crafty colleges!!!  I will not miss Bon Jovi, I would drag myself there if half my body were paralyzed due to Malaria!!  I did however today take some very bad pictures of some things that I have been working on for some craft shows, but first things first.  The Challenge!!  For this challenge you need to make a card/project whatever using the colors from the un-du bottle which are lime green,white,black,red, and yellow.  You don't have to use a lot of each color, but all the colors have to be there I have a photo that I will put up to help,  The end of the challenge will be March 15th.  The prize will be a bottle of un-du, and there will be 2 winners!!!  So good luck, and I can't wait to see what you create!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hi All

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posting, but I have been diligently working on my project for the blog hop that I am in on the 18th. I hope you all would stop by, I will have some awesome blog candy, I don't know what yet, but it will be awesome.  I also wanted to remind everyone about the un-du Challenge, it was supposed to end today, and there are not a lot of entrees, which I am very sad about.  I am extending it until the 20th  I hope you will all join in, un-du an awesome product, and to win it is even awsomer!! I know, it's not a word, but I like it!!  karen<3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Baby is 20 Today!!!!

Hey everyone!! Today, my baby girl turns 20!!!!  I can't believe it, it seems like yesterday that we brought that beautiful baby girl home.  I was 25yrs old, and I was scared to death, she was so tiny, and we were so young.  Although we didn't think that we were young at the time, but when I look back now, we were just babies ourselves.  She was the best baby, she was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, she hardly ever cried, I miss that time so much.  Anyway, I will be working on a birthday gift for her later today, if my back will let me.  I also have to work on my Blog Hop project for the 18th.  It has to be something that we have to make that goes with a certain song.  Hopefully I will be able to sit for that long to get them both at least started.  My daughter came home yesterday for spring break, and one of her friends came over with her for a few days, and my hubby came home late from work, so he didn't notice her car, but her friend lives in NY, and her license plate says
#1 Yankee Fan, now we live in MA so when he went out to get the paper this morning, he saw her license plate. Let's just say, I don't think she will be parking in our driveway again!! GO RED SOX!!  I hope you all have a great weekend, and the un-do challenge is seriously lacking entry's so let's get crafting!!! karen<3

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Plastic Bag Flower!!

Hey guys, I wanted to share a fun flower that a friend showed me how to make!  Actually, we all know how to make them already, it is just with a new medium.  Remember in grade school, or Brownies, Girl Scouts, or Blue Jays, we would make those flowers with the tissue paper.  We would cut a bunch of pieces of tissue paper into squares, all the same size, but maybe different colors.  Then we would stack them on top of each other, and fan fold them back and forth. Then you round the paper at both ends, and separate the tissue paper to fluff it up.  Well this flower is made out of a Michaels bag.  I cut a bunch of squares out of the Michael's bag.  I cut them about 4-4-1/2" square.  Then I took my alcohol inks, and the Blending solution and squirted them all over the squares.  When they dry, stack them up into a pike, and fold them back and forth, tie a string around the center, and fluff them up, but don't do it all the way around, you want the bottom to be flat. Here is a picture of mine, my colors leave much to be desired, but I don't have another Michaels, ( I KNOW) but since I hurt my back, I haven't been out to the craft stores!! Trust me, when my back feels better, I will make up for lost time!! LOL   So, here is mine, remember this is my first try, so don't mock.

Any way, you can change the size, the colors, and add leaves,or vines, and best of all it's free, and you are also saving the planet.  So explain to your hubby that you have to go to the craft store so you can buy some stuff, so that they can give you a bag, and then you can make a free flower!! LOL Oh don't forget to mention that you are recycling !!! LOL

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daisy Update!!!!

Hi All, I thought I would give you an update on Daisy's condition.  I got so many emails and well wishes on my blog from you guys for Daisy, and I want to Thank You all.  Anyone who has a pet knows just how I felt.   When they are hurt, or sick, you feel just like they are one of your children.  Before I got my dogs, I used to hear people talk about their dogs like they were their children, and I used to think that they were crazy!! I mean my sister for example would leave my parents house right after Christmas dinner to go and check on her dog, because he had been left alone for a couple of hours, and she didn't want her to be lonely.  I used to think that this was ridiculous, I just couldn't believe that I had to wait for my chocolate cream pie, because my sister had to go and "check" on the dog.  I mean, what did she think was going to happen?  The dog would end up with abandonment issues, and he would end up therapy?  I mean really, and then we got our first dog Cocoa.  She was given to us by a guy that works for my husband, because she scared his little girl.  Now keep in mind that we had 3 little kids at the time. My Amanda was 7, Kevin was 5, and my Jason was 3, and my husband brings home a dog that scares some other guys 5 year old.  So I am not that thrilled with this dog coming to my nice clean house, no dog hair,no dog smell, no dog toys, and definitely no dog food smell!! So when he called me and "told" me that he was bringing her home, to say that I was not to thrilled was an understatement.  So, he walks through the door, now let me just say, that my husband always referred to this dog as a puppy, and when someone says the word puppy to you, well at least to me, I think tiny, little, Yorkie size puppy.  He walks through the door with this HUGE cage, and in the cage is what looked like at the time a  HORSE!!  Anyway, my kids were thrilled, they were jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, pushing each other out of the way, and going crazy, it was like someone let all the people in the Asylum out!! At that time I looked at the dog, and she was cowering in the corner, shaking, and I think that if dogs could cry, there would have been tears!!  Anyway, to make a long story short(I know, can you believe it, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is my "CRAFTING" blog) I was the one who slept on the kitchen floor for 2 weeks so she wouldn't be afraid at night, and I was the one who said that she didn't have to sleep in the crate anymore, and I was the one who let her sleep on the couch, and yes, "I" was the one who thought that she needed a sister..... So off we went to find her a sister, was I crazy?  Along came Daisy!!! My sweet little (yes I said little) Daisy was home.  From the first day, Cocoa was afraid of Daisy, it was like that dirst day all over again, she was shaking in the corner. (we think that she needs puppy Prozac) but then, they couldn't be separated, they were together all the time, and I turned into .......a pet owner, I worried when they were alone, I cried when they got "fixed" and I worry as if they were one of my children when they are sick, so you can imagine when Daisy was having diareah all over the house, and I saw that she had thrown up chicken bones, I almost passed out! So if you don't have a pet, and you see some crazy person on the street talking to their dog, just think, It could be you........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a Night!!!

Oh my faithful rant readers, you are not going to believe this!!! (actually, you probably are)  Yesterday I noticed that my pleasantly plump beagle who is awake 1/2 hour per day, just enough time to eat, go out to go to the bathroom, and get right back on the couch before her spot gets cold, was staying outside much longer than usual.  I went to the window to see what she was up to. We have one of those electric fences, so she really can't go anywhere outside of our yard. So imagine my surprise when I saw this 60lb. blob on 4 legs waddeling down the road!  Happy as can be, tail wagging, head bobbing, and belly just about scrapeing itself right down the middle of our street.  So I go to the door, and call her, "Daisy" I say, and she barely glances my way, so I call again, "Daisy" with little or no response. I then revert to the old "Daisy, want a cookie ?" Like a flash, she is back in the yard. (now by flash, I mean a little bit faster than a waddle, but not as fast as say a turtle trying to cross the road, and avoid getting hit)  She gets to the stairs, ans she is to heavy to just go up the steps,  it is a process that she goes through. She first looks at the stairs, she then puts 1 paw up, and tilts her head, and then she backs up, kind of gets a quick waddle going and plops up the stairs. Now Daisy has been on a diet since we went to the Vet last month and we paid $550.00 for him to tell us that she is over weight! (clearly we couldn't see that for ourselves) so it was a good thing the vet charged us all that money to let us know.  So since that Vet visit, the word "cookie" now has a new meaning.  It went from a wooden basket with a cover that clearly reads COOKIES, to a bag of carrots in the fridge. This took a while for her to fully grasp the concept that the basket that dhe loved and adored is now gone, and it has been replaced with some strange form that comes from the fridge.  I tried to explain that it has happened to all of us. I also had a cute little basket with wonderful little cookies in it, and I to have to get my "cookies" from the same lousy bag of orange things in the fridge! Does she not understand that I hate it too? That I would rather be getting my cookies from the nice basket on the counter too?  So after our "cookie" treat, she went right back to sleep on the couch.  Well as the day went on, I forgot to look for her collar that someone took off, which caused her to not get zapped when she left the yard earlier, and she went out again.  Next thing I know one of my neighbors was bringing her home.  Again, I didn't think much of it, found ger collar, put it on and forgot the whole incident, UNTIL... about 9:30 that night, we were all watching t.v., and this smell filled the family room. Now to put it politely, it is one of those smells that makes my boys laugh histerically, and start blaming each other, and their father, but this was different, it was awful, I thought something died, and dtarted decomposing under my couch!! Well it didn't take long to trace the smell to Daisy.  It was horrid, I really cannot explain it, but trust me, it was BAD!!!  Again, didn't think much of it, she is a dog after all.  Needless to say, one by one my husband and kids went up to bed, and I was finishing getting taxes ready for the morning because the accountant was coming in the morning.  Well Daisy was being a pain, she wanted to go, and come in, and as soon as I sat back down with my caculator, she wanted to go back out.  This went on for a couple of hours, and by now Cocoa had jumped into the rotation, and it was like musical doors.  I had just let Cocoa out, and went into the bathroom, and suddenly I heard my husband yelling, I couldn't make it all out, but the words that I did catch were not good ones.  I hurried out of the bathroom to find my husband standing with 1 foot in the air, covered in doggie poop, but that was not the worst of it.  We turned on some lights to find that Daisy had diareaha ALL OVER the Living Room, my Craft Room, the Family Room, and the Dining ROOM!!!! Big huge puddles, it was awful, so hours after scrubbing rugs, and I turn around to see her squatting, I yelled NOOOOOOO!!! It was kind of like in a movie it would be slow motion, and all the characters in the movie are running towards the dog, with our hands in the air, trying to get her outside before she went again. SO it is now 6:00a.m. and we had a meeting at the school at 7:00a.m. at my sons school.  There was no way I could go, I was still scrubbing, and we just got the steam cleaner out of the basement, and all of the rooms need to be steam cleaned, so we figured that I would stay and do that, and my hubby would go to the meeting.  Now let me just break off here to remind you all of the shower incident of the weekend, so you can imagine how my back feels right now.  So here I am steaming, and cleaning, and I see Daisy gagging, and all I could picture is me now spending hours cleaning up my dogs Vomit!! That is what my gravestone would read "Here lies Karen Driscoll, she died quietly at home while cleaning her dogs diarhea and Vomit with a bad back that she endured while showering!!!"  Anyway, I get her barely outside where she proceeds to Vomit all over a rug that we had right in front of the door.  Now before I go on, let me remind you all about the accountant that should be here with in the hour.  So I run back in the house to grab the phone, and run back outside because I want to see where Daisy is, and make sure that she is o.k.. Poor Daisy is just sitting in the garahe shaking with her little head cocked to one side obviosly scared and wondering what was going on.  I call the accountant and brifly explain what has happened, and he says, Oh no big deal, I have dogs, I don't mind.  Now mind you that I am standing in my freeezing cold garage, barefoot, and in pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, a scrub brush in one hand  and towels filled with dog vomit in the other hand. Now this is where lack of sleep, back and neck pain and frozen toes, all start to well up in my throat and I barely squeek out a "I really need to call you back and re schedual"  I hang up with him, and I look in my hand at the dog vomit and there I see CHICKEN BONES!!!!  Now I haven't made chicken with bones in a long time, so while Daisy was roaming the neighborhood, she must have gotten into someones trash, where there must have been, yes you guessed it CHICKEN BONES!! So now I am hysterical, and I am trying toi call the vet, and trying not to cry, because all I can picture is her choking, and I don't know dog CPR, I don't even know if there is dog CPR.  Then the most horrible thing goes through my mind. What if she need surgery to get the rest of the chicken bones out of her, what will I do?  I don't ever want to have to have my baby put to sleep, because we cant afford surgery for her.  I am looking at our roof that we have been putting off for 4 years, because my hubby's work has been really slow, and oh , just awful thoughts.  I am happy to say that we have had no diarhea, or vomitting for the past 2 hours, and the vet says that it is a good thing that she did vomit, and the bones came out, because that means that they are not stuck anywhere!!! So ladies, that was my morning, what Have you all been up to?!?!  karen<3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music Blog Hop!!

Hey Guys, I am in another blog Hop!! This one is a music Blog Hop.  We are to choose a song and then make something a card, altered item,ect. that was inspired by the song.  Here is the list of the Hoppers.  I will put a badge up on my blog to remind you when it is coming up!  The date of the Hop is March 18th, I hope you can join us!! karen<3                                                             

Hey, I Won!!!!

You guys are not going to believe this, but I Karen, never won anything in her life Driscoll, won at Carri's Blog Hop at www.  I can't believe it!! I am in shock!! I don't know what to do with myself.  If my neck, and back didn't hurt so bad, I would jump for joy!! LOL. So hop on over and check out her amazing work if you haven't already seen it!! I am so excited!!! I think that it is because Kel and Laurie did a win dance for me a week or so ago, and I am positive that is what happened. I don't know if she does this for everyone or if I was just a sad,sad,sad case.  I will check into that, and maybe I can pimp her out!! Well I just wanted to share the good news!! Thanks for letting me (like you had a choice) go on and on, I have never done that before, usually I am very quiet, and keep to myself!! LOL RIGHT!! karen<3

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

Hey my Crafting  Com padres!!! Have you missed me??? Well let's talk Bon Jovi!! We left at about 5 ish on Friday, and got to the hotel about 7ish (just to be clear, 5 ish and 7ish are highly technical terms) so anyway we were checking in, and somehow the guy at the reception desk knew we were there for the concert. Now either he was an amazing phsycic, or we were singing way to loud!  we got our room keys and headed up to our room, which by the way was beautiful. All white down comforters big, and fluffy, and get this, they change the comforters Daily, they are clean, and washed Daily! Now if you knew me, you would know, that I have a huge fear of hotel comforters. The horror of what goes on, on those Hotel bed spreads, or comforters whatever you want to call them, and I don't know if you all know this, but there are hotels that do not ever change or clean those bedspreads/comforters ever,ever, did I mention ever! When I saw that they do change theirs daily, My heart did a flip flop, so with the clean comforters, all I had to worry about was the rug......the gross,disgusting, filthy hotel room rugs! I never, ever, ever walk barefoot on hotel room rugs! If you think about what is on the comforters then just think about what is on the FLOOR!! People, we could solve half of the diseases in the world if hotels would clean there rugs every century! So anyway, after a few towels on the floor with a route to the bathroom, and a trail to the door, we were off to the concert!!  With directions to Mohegan Sun from the hotel.  Now I don't know how many of you have been to Mohegan Sun, but it is HUGE!!!!! Neither one of us had ever been there, but we are healthy (o.k., she is the healthy one) girls, and we can find Bon Jovi, no matter where they are, we think that it is like a homing device, but when we came over the hill, it was like Dorothy running through the poppies, this massive glowing bunch of colored neon flashing,enormous buildings.  Now we were confident that we could figure out what parking garage to go to, as we drove right by the sign that said "Bon Jovi, Earth garage entrance" now to most people this would be a problem, a conundrum of sorts, but not for us, we love a challenge!! So we did the next best thing to the Earth garage, we chose the Summer garage, we figured Earth, sun,summer, it all flowed, in made sense... didn't it? So we found an awesome spot, entered the elevators in  the Autumn side of the Summer garage. (it didn't make any sense to us either) but we went with it.  Now came the hard part, once off the elevators, we were in front of a massive glass sculpture, with water flowing from it, very pretty, but we didn't have time for art appreciation.  We decided that they must be playing in the Arena, that made the most sense to us, we are thinking that since we went in the wrong garage, that we were going to have to walk 5 miles just to get there, but us being the only human beings with pidgeon like homing devices. We turned a corner, and there it was, the Arena, right in front of us Bon Jovi live at the Arena at Mohegan Sun!! The concert was great, not one of my favorites, but awesome non the less.  When the concert was over, we played some penny slots, yes people not many people know that I am a high roller! We were up and we were down, but we ended up down about $10.00.  We then decided to head back to the hotel.  Stinking of smoke which is a huge pet peeve of mine, but we stopped at a quick mart, grabbed some junk food, and headed back to our room.  After watching a few stupid middle of the night stupid shows, and eating junk, looking at Stampin Up, and Close to My Heart catalogs, we fell asleep.  It was so nice to sleep in till 9:00a.m..  Now this is the part where I usually say to myself, "nothing has gone wrong, this doesn't make sense, and then.... while in the shower, I went to reach for the shampoo, and it happened, I slipped.  Now most people fall in the shower, I however fell out of the shower, on my back!!! Now when I say that it hurt, that is an under statement, as soon as I hit the floor, the first thing that went through my mind, was OMG I would be horrified to be found naked, contorted in a twisted lump on the bathroom floor, at the Hilton Hotel, So with that thought racing through my mind, I jumped up, almost took the shower rod with me, that is Bolted to the wall.  So after grabbing a towel, and covering up, my 40lbs over weight body, I called for my friend, and she helped me out to the bed.  So we packed up, and brought my broken very sore body home.  Went to the doctors today, nothing was broken, but I will be pretty sore for a few days.  Sorry for the x-tra long rant, but you know me, and how I love to chat LOL  karen<3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some stuff I have been working on!!

Hi guys, I also wanted to show you some of the things that I have been working on are just some items to put away for my next craft fair, or just to keep aside for little gifts to have on hand,  Let me warn you that my camera has been acting up, and I know what you are saying  "Oh no Karen, not the day before Bon Jovi" I know people, I am saddened beyond belief , but my friend Kim will be there with her camera, and I know she will share.  Now I want to warn you there will be a couple of reasons that I would not come back from my overnight trip to see my guys, 1) I got hit by a truck in the parking lot 2) While waiting for Bon Jovi to start, I put my last quarter in a slot machine, won a million dollars, and left on a plane to Fiji 3) Jon Bon Jovi, finally came to his senses and left his wife and came to me and asked me to run off with him!  Now I really don't anticipate any of these things happening, but I am open to all of them, well I am not really open to #1 so think of me in your prayers, and I will remember to look both ways! Anyway (sorry, if you don't know by now, I tend to run off on tangents every once in a while!!  So, here are some of the things I have been doing, I might go back and personalize some of the things. I never really finish things off until I know where they are going, this leaves me time to make them personal if they end up for that, or stick a flower on it if it ends up at a fair. So I will maybe put a post up tomorrow, or if I am to busy getting ready for my Jon, I will be back late on Sat, or on Sunday!   Here are my bad photos:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello my Crafty Creative Comrads

Hey guys, I am here to let you know that I have got a ton of emails about the swap. You guys have a lot of great ideas.  I will have to sit down and write everything down and see what is doable and what isn't.  I started to do that last night, but then at about 1a.m. in my infinite wisdom, decided to do some of the switching that I started of my wooden stamps to acrylic.  People, do not attempt this at 1:00 in the morning, especially after taking Ambien.  Sleeping pills and crafting, do not mix!! As I look at the disaster that I see before me this morning, I can not fully explain, the upside down,backwards,colossal mess that is spread out in front of me.  There is wood everywhere, foam stuck to my dogs,ink pads upside down on my carpet, I am amazed of the lack of anything that can be made out of this disaster!! So friends, I caution you, stamps and Ambien don't mix.  Do not sleep and craft.  I am sending that in as a new slogan to send out to all the schools, I think it will save crafting supplies everywhere, before it is too late!! Oh on the exciting side of things, The wonderful people over at un-du have generously sent me some bottles of un-du to give out to you guys!!!! I am going to have to think of a good challenge so you guys can win some of this liquid gold!! Do not laugh my friends, when you start using this stuff, you will all be running out to get yourselves a safe to keep this in, and you will be lying to your crafting buddies telling then "oh I wish I could lend it to you, but I am all out" I LOVE IT!!!!! The next product that I will be reviewing is from Xyron, it is a very under estimated tool that doesn't get the credit that it deserves!!  I don't know if I should tell you, or save it for a surprise????? Hmmmm.Yeah, I think that I will surprise you with what it is.  I will try and get it done before I go away for the night to, I know, please ladies, keep calm,  BON JOVI!!!!!!!! In case Jon decides to ask me to leave my husband, children,dogs, and yes ladies, crafting buddies, I will try and get it done so you will have something to remember me by!  I do have an extra ticket, if anyone will be in the area of Mohegan Sun on Friday night. O.k. ladies, I am off to use my un-du to get the stamping disaster of last night off the ceiling!! I hope you all have a great day, and make sure to watch for the challenge to win some UN-DU!!!!! karen<3
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