Monday, February 28, 2011

More Swap info

Hey Guys, I have some more info on the SWAP!!!  What I am thinking, is that we will have an even number of people in the swap.  I will choose names, and pair 2 people together.  Once we have the teams I will set up a  chart, and you guys will all have input.  Lets say that I am partnered with Jen, Jen would send to me, and I will send to Jen.  We will then go by the schedule. So if we set up a swap for March we will decide if it will be a project or a card or even a swap of some product that you have to much of, or that you no longer  need.  I will make up a form, that will ask questions that will tell me how often you want to swap, or how much is your limit to spend, ect.  This will help me figure out who to partner you with.  I will figure everything out, and fill you in.  If you think that you would be interested in joining send me an email and let me know.  My email is  Lets try and leave the sign ups to March 15th, if we need longer we will extend it, but right now lets see who is interested right now!   Sound like fun???? 

I think it will be great!!  



  1. I wanted to let you know that I received my goodies in the mail today...Thank you so much!!
    Have a terrific week!

  2. I think it will be so much fun! I would love to join in! I will send you an email also :)

  3. Hi, Karen!

    I just received an email notice of your visit to my blog and your very kind comments. I actually had read your post about the flood in your basement and left a comment about that but I'm sure you were too distraught to read your blog right after that happened. I certainly would have been! Even though we have only just "met", I want you to know that if there is anything I can do to help ease your pain, you only need ask. Before I forget, I think I might be interested in participating in this swap thing you have goin' on! That sounds like lots of fun. I'd just like a few more details (like the questionnaire you mentioned) before I commit to something on going like that.

    I also wanted to thank you for the Pink by Design stamps that arrived in today's mail... they are sooo cute! I think I need to email you with a reply to the questions you left on my blog because I'd likely bore your readers to death if I tried to explain my Copic coloring technique in a comment. LOL

    Anyway, I really appreciate your sweet thoughts and congratulations and I will definitely be stalking your blog!



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