Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Did It ! 100 Bloggers!!!!

Well little blogger buddies we did it!  We are a little over 100 followers!!!!!!  O.K. on to the goodies. Under this post,  all you have to do is become a follower, leave a comment about what you like about my blog, or what you would change. If you posted my blog candy on your blog, you get a second entry in the drawing, but you only need to comment once.  I will close the entries on Friday, because we are going to have a HUGE snowstorm, and I won't be able to get to the post office with over a foot to a foot and a half of snow!  also so that way everyone gets a chance to follow, enter, and make their comments. As you all know, As you all know, I am re-organizing my craft room, and deceided that I have way to nuch paper, so I am going to add some paper to both blog blog candy prizes. I also think that if we get over 150, I will add 1 more blog candy package!! I think that is it.
Good Luck to all of you,


  1. Woooo Hoooooooo Congratz Karen!! I love your blog cause you have variety. I am never bored.

  2. Yayy! You did it, congratulations!

  3. Wow-wee that was fast!! Congrats!! Woohoo. You are a woman that sets her mind to something and gets it! Great job!

    I love your fun blog and your creativity and of course the fact you are from Massachusetts is a plus, lol!

    Stay safe during this huge storm, hopefully no school tomorrow!!

    Thanks for a change to win such amazing prizes!!

  4. Congrats on the Achievement. I just recently discovered your blog and became a follower immediately because of all the great projects you create, I get lots of inspiration from here!
    Thanks for a chance at some great Blog Candy!

  5. Hi Karen! congrats for all the followers! it's actually 114 now :)
    what I love about your blog is your creations! your cakes are amazing, and so is your scrap. what I'll improve...? the fact that it's so short! you should post more! lol!
    I posted your blog candy on my sidebar: http://blog.tapuz.co.il/maychu
    thanks for the chance!

  6. Congrats on 100 followers.... I wouldn't change anything regarding your blog. Just post more projects so we all can see your beautiful works... yes I posted your candy on my blog as well.
    Happy blogging!!!

  7. Congrats on your followers mark! I wouldn't change anything unless you want to. It is your blog!! I love the cake pictures. YOu are so creative. I so wish i could do that. I just started making birthday cakes for myself and family. I will have to post.

  8. Congrats on your 100+ followers love the cakes. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  9. yay! Congrats Karen! What I love most about your blog is your personality really shines through! I feel like I really know you :] And of course you are a seriously talented lady :] <3

  10. Way to go everyone. I'm so glad you made it.

    I like the list of projects on the left of the screen and how personal your posts are. Even though we don't know each other personally, I really feel you care about us all.

  11. Congrats on 100 followers! I have posted about your giveaway on my blog: www.scrappininthewoods.blogspot.com

    I love seeing the cakes since I have absolutely NO talent in the baking area! You do amazing work!! Stay safe in the snow...we are getting 3 to 6 inches here right now which is nothing compared to what you are expecting. The drive home from work should be interesting for me!

  12. Thanks again for the opportunity!!! I did post your Blog candy on my blog as per your request:)


  13. Iam now a follower of your blog... I have a small, small, blog and would love to have you follow me also. Good luck to all on the giveaway. Love the blog background........
    E-Mail: davidbayles@sprintmail.com

  14. Stay safe in the snow...we are suppose to get about 1 inch today but that is it. Thanks for a chance to win! I love your blog..you are very creative. :)


  15. Congratulations - Woo Hoo!!

    I like your blog the way it is.

    Love your cakes, layouts, cards, videos and everything else you do:)

    I am already a follower and I posted on my blog.

    we are suppose to get 4" of snow today.


  16. Hi Karen, you know I'm a follower. You got to 100 quickly! Love your insomniac postings! and of course, all your hard work - your cakes are great. Keep up all the good work, and I hope I win! And keep working on that craft room!

  17. Congrats on your follower!!! I love your cakes!!!they look amazing and I bet they are delish!!!
    best regards,

  18. I was number 100!!! Glad to put you over the top! Love the blog. Stay safe in the winter weather!

  19. Happy for you!!! I like seeing scrapbook layouts!

  20. WOW....how exciting to reach over 100 followers.. dont change a thing on your blog...you have done an amazing job with all your inspirations...and great giveaways....keep it up. i posted on my blog also....good luck everyone


  21. Yippee!! I am already a follower! and I posted your candy on my sidebar!

    I love that you put pictures of your amazing cakes on your side! I love to look at them! Yummo!

  22. Congratulations for reaching your goal! posted your giveaway a few days ago on my blog.

    Be safe in this crazy weather!


  23. I am so happy for you. It is a great filling when you reach a three digit number. I am now a follower your blog is great and I will definetly be back to visit. hugs

  24. congrats karen.wow you have so much i love of this blog.the cakes are out of this world.never would i be able to do some cakes like that.cant wait to see your scrapbook room organized.you will soon reach 150 followers.your blog is amazing.

  25. YAY! Congratz on making 100!! I knew you would!! Thats totally awsome! I wouldn't of found you if you didnt find me first!! And im glad ya did!! I love your blog. I of course became a follower right away and I am going to post ur giveaway on my blog right now.


  26. Congrats - knew you would do it. The only thing I would change on your blog is at the very top, under your name, I would darken the text as it is a little hard to read (love the picture). Other than that, it is perfect!

  27. Congrats! I am a new follower! Love your cakes:)
    Can't wait to see more projects from you!!

    Phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  28. Just became a follower and I must say I love the cakes!! Betty Crocker I am not! lol I would love to know how you made that ribbon rack you talked about in your video! My scrap room should be done around spring when we thaw out lol.
    I posted your candy on my wall for all to see. Good luck with 150!!


    Lisa J

    tjsgal at gmail dot com

  29. I'm a new follower. Congrats on reaching 100! I love your cakes! That I-pod cake is amazing.Looks like you like to do layouts too. I'm sure I'll be stopping over to get some inspiration.

    Feel free to sop by my blog, I'm just getting started.


  30. I'm a new follower and you are now up to 123. :)
    I like the cake decorating and I'm real new here so I have to look around more.

  31. I really like your blog. Only thing I could suggest is to make the text darker or a different color on your blog header as it's kind of hard to read the text against the colored background.

    I'm a follower and posted a photo and info on my blog.

    Hope I am the lucky one who gets picked


  32. I love the cakes I just love your work Have fun and Happy Crafting

  33. I am a new follower. The cakes you make are AMAZING! I made a few when my kids were younger, but mine didn't turn out anything like yours. I can't wait to spend more timing looking through your blog to see what else you have.

    I have posted about your blog candy on my blog at:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I'm hoping to do a couple of giveaways myself in the very near future.

  34. I think your cakes are amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win at some great blog candy! i am a follower! One thing I would suggest is moving the followers button up towards the top. Congrats on all the new followers!!

  35. So happy for your accomplishment! :) Love the cakes!

  36. Congratulations! I am a new follower and I am going to send my good friend Chloe your way too!

    I love your blog, it is easy to read and full of great ideas!!! Keep it up :-)


  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. congrats on that milestone.
    I like it just the way it is.
    I am a new follower
    yelowflower at yahoo.com

  39. Love your blog! Can't wait to see more! Carlene sent me and I'm your newest follower!


  40. What a great blog, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm following you now and posted your giveaway on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win. Shari (cricutrookie)
    sharis creations with the cricut dot blogspot dot com

  41. Your cakes and projects are awesome! You are beyond talented! Glad I was able to become a follower to add to your 100! I am actually on my way to putting your blog give a-way on my new blog, hopefully I will be luckey enough to get to 100 some day and have a fun give-a-way! If I could change one thing, hmmmm thats hard I love you blog! But maybe some music on a playlist player? Thats always fun!
    Contact Info: incase I get luckey enough!
    email: arebori0204@gmail.com
    New Blog: www.scraptillyadrop.blogspot.com

  42. Congratulations! I became a follower and I'm promoting it on my blog hoping for #150

  43. Karen
    on my blog you ask me if I knew how to make a blinkie. will here is the web site that helped me if link does work it's on my right sidebar
    Rebecca Minor

  44. I love all of the cakes you have on your sidebar! They're amazing! I posted your candy on my sidebar.


  45. Congratulations on over 140 followers! I became a follower. I love your creations and I love your blog the way it is.

  46. I'm a new follower! What amazing blog candy!!!

    I am having two different giveaways on my blog as well. One for a Love Struck Cricut cartridge and one for a Cupcake Wrappers Cricut cartridge so be sure to stop by and leave a comment!


  47. You're at 145 now - so I think you'll do it!!
    I really like the way you have some of your projects showcased on the left side-bar. That's a great idea! And your cakes are amazing. I wish I could make something like that too!

  48. awesome congrats!!! i've been a follower and... i have a link and pic of ur candy on my blog sidebar HERE!
    thanks for the chances to win!

  49. Thanks for all the wonderful items up for grabs! Sounds like fantastic candy to me! Congrats on all those followers too! I like your blog just as it is!

  50. Awesome blog! Congrats on all of the followers!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. You are at 155 - Congrats - you are over your goal. Love your blog - very nice. Love the cakes. Way to go!!

  52. I posted your giveaway on my blog...I love seeing your cakes (and of course your paper projects). Once in a while I attempt to make a "nice" cake but they never turn out quite right. Oh-well, practice makes perfect. :) Congrats on all of the followers.
    bhoward at kci dot net

  53. Your candy has already been posted to my blog and I am a follower as well. I love your blog and I must say...your cakes are amazing!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some fab sweets!!


  54. Congrats! I just love your cakes...my fav has to be the I-Pod. WOW!
    Hope you don't get too blasted with snow.

  55. Wow! Great blog. I am amazed by all the interesting things you do. Love the cakes and feel like a lousy mom after seeing the chocolate coffee cups you made for your daughter for college finals. I found your blog because of a posting at another blog. Even though you have already reached 100 followers (Congrats!!) I will post your blog candy on mine to see how many more friends we can find for you.

  56. congrats on getting over 100+ followers! awesome =)
    i'd love see some tutorials of your favorite projects. Some easy/ medium and harder to do projects.

  57. I am following and posted your candy on my blog in a post.

    I would love for you to share more cakes... just love yours!

    -- dalis
    alidalis At comcast DOT net

  58. CONGRATS~!!! I love your blog! There is SO MUCH crafty things on here! Your cakes are GORGEOUS!! Please continue to share!

    Thanks for the chance to win, i did also share on my blog :) sewingdumby.blogspot.com

  59. Congrads on making to over the 150 mark! And thanks for becoming a follower on my blog...again congrads and look forward to the blog hop on Feb 15th. Happy Crafting

  60. Congratulations on 100 Followers. I love your cakes...How amazing and creative! Really very inspirational.

    kimsheppard6 at hotmail dot com

  61. wow - you are so kind and generous with your candies and too add another on as you have gone over 150 followers wowwzerrs! I have just found your blog and think it is amazing - especially love to see all your cakes, some of your ideas for them are amazing - love your cards too x

  62. I just found your blog and I am a follower! I'm just lovin you pot people baseball guy. He's adorable! Your cakes are awesome and the chocolate cups you made for your daughter is a chocolate lovers dream. Congrats on making 150!

  63. I hope I am not too late. Just found your blog. I am really enjoying looking at your stuff. Keep up the nice work.

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  64. Wow - great job! I love the cakes!!! (I'm a new follower!)

  65. Congrats!!

    Best wishes on 100+


  66. Way to go on all of the followers. I really enjoy your blog because you personlize it. I like how you add little bits about what you are doing, its interesting.


  67. Way to go, i'm at a measly 28, in my next lifetime i'll get where you are. Fantastic.


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