Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New England Weather............Again!!!

Hi all, I thought, while sitting hear waiting for our next NorEaster that is due to arrive late Wednesday, early Thursday morning, and bring with it between 12 to 18 inches of snow, that I would share with you the one and only reason that I haven't packed my bags and got on an airplane to Florida. I hope you enjoy:

Now, I know that this is beautiful, but do you all know what 12-18 inches of snow means people!?!?!? That's right,.... NO SCHOOL!!!!!! Now there was a time when I was happy, even perhaps giddy that the kids would be home, we are talking jammies all day, fire in the fireplace,a Disney Movie, popcorn, hot chocolate, and snuggling on the couch.  Now however, it is teenage boys, eating all day, making a mess of my kitchen over,and over,and over! Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys, but I have a routine, a plan for my days if you would, I craft, hang out with my dogs, I take a nap, and craft again, I have MY day, and I don't need fighting over the remote to the t.v., the wet clothes. the dirty floors, the tracked in snow all over my rugs, with the two of them telling me that is "good for the rugs" I tried that before people, my mother never bought it, and niether do I!!! So while you look at the beautiful pictures of my backyard, keep in mind the torture that is behind all that snow!!  Karen


  1. Karen you are too funny!! It is quite the different story when they start growing up isn't it. Awesome pictures! We have to look at the silver lining they are good strong shovelers! We are also patienly awaiting the snow. This has been some winter. Good luck! Let us know now you make out!!


  2. I honestly can feel your pain. I used to love snow days too. Now I dread them. The two older kids fighting all day drives me nuts. I too have a routine and them being home (as much as I love 'em) totally messes me up. *sigh* But I have to enjoy it now before my house is empty. Which will be starting in about 3 years. :(

  3. It is beautiful especially for someone like me who rarely gets to see this sort of thing, but I do feel for you. Best wishes (& post more pics after all the new snow.)

  4. The pictures are Beautiful!!
    Your post cracked me up!! Sounds like my house when there is no school...happy that I get a day off from having to taxi here and there but I lose my clean house, my tv remote, and I get to listen to "we're bored, there's nothing to do" all day
    I feel your pain down here in Buffalo where the snow keeps falling and the temperatures are hovering around the single digits :)

  5. Gorgeous photos. I surely don't envy you. My four kids would be "killing" each other. LOL Enjoy it though, like you said they'll be gone before you know it!

  6. lol!! Oh Karen, you crack me up! I've got two boys too, a two year old son and a thirty two year old husband who keep me spinning on my toes too.


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