Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey Bloggers, I have a Blinkie!!! I want to thank Patti, at  for making this for me.  I am so seriously challenged when it comes to anything that has to do with the computer, and Patti offered to make one for me, and isn't it Amazing?? Thank You so much again Patti, I love it!! So I would love it, if you all would grab it and post it on your blog, and then go and visit Patti on her blog, and if you want when you get there, you could grab hers too!!!  Thanks again Patti, you are awesome!!!

Oh I almost forgot, It's snowing..... again!!!  ugh


  1. I love your blinkie and will be adding it to my blog!! I got the box you sent me today and I love everything you sent!! Cant wait to curl up this weekend and look through the books. The papers are just gorgeous and all the other added things were just wonderful! I adore that card you sent...what cartridge is the penguin from? Se is the cutest!! I hope she is on a cartridge that I already own!!
    Thank you so much....Big hugs!!

  2. What a beautiful blinkie...I too don't know how to do that stuff. LOL...

  3. Hi Karen, love your blinkie! How cool is that. Congratulations! You got the perfect image with the frame being in thirds to accommodate your name. I would put it on my blog, for sure, but last time I did that with some other blinkies, my computer came to a screeching halt. Until I can figure out why, I think I'm safer not doing that. But you know I still love ya!! You go girl.

  4. p.s. It's snowing here too! I think we have 12" already. Yikes!

  5. Oh, I am so jealous you have a blinkie. Maybe one day I will get one. It is so cute. Love it.

  6. Look at you, Girl! So high-tech and spiffy now!! And you're so close to 200 followers, too. WOW!! YAY for you!


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