Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 3:00 a.m. Crash!!

Hi All,
Hey everyone, if you read my blog yesterday, I was up all night th night before, so I decided to try to go to bed nice and early last night.  Well I think I should get an A for trying! I went to bed nice and early, 9:00p.m. Well I couldn't fall asleep right away, so I watched a movie with my daughter who is home on break from College. I thought I will surely fall asleep during the movie, but it was a good movie, so that didn't happen.  I think the last time I looked at the clock was about 11:30p.m. so I must have fallen asleep around then.  Then it happened, at about 3:00a.m. I heard a loud CRASH I jumped up to find that the wooded cubes that I hung on the wall in my ctaft room to hold all the jars of my buttons, that I pain stakenly separated for hours by color, were everywhere, two of the cubes fell off the wall and crashed on the floor, and jars opened up, and of buttons were everywhere!! Ugh!! I am back to square one with the buttons, back to separating, and re-hanging the cubes!!! I will add a photo of the mess in a bit, but before that can happen a nice cup of coffee is definately needed. So much for my nice night of sleep, maybe tonight!! lol


  1. Oh no, Karen! That is too much. Someone just doesn't want you to sleep, lol!! I am so sorry you have to re-organize. You must think positively and remember you are in your craft room, what more could a girl ask for!! Good luck!!

  2. Got your email, and after another 1/2 hour of fighting with this computer & some Googling for an answer to my problem I'm finally back! How's the clean up coming?

  3. Oh that stinks! were you able to get it all straightned out. that is alot of work you did separating buttons to have them all fall out of the jars.

    Hope you are able to get some sleep tonight.

  4. Thanks all the buttons are safely back in there own jars!! I spent all day doing it, but it is done!! I will be back in there tomorrow!!
    Thanks all!! Oh, I thought that I would let you all know that I am a HUGE insomniac, so if i am complaining about no sleep, It is just a normal night!! LOL

  5. Hey Karen! Sounds like you're doing pretty much the same thing as me. And now we gotta make 30 cards on top of it. LOL Weren't you part of the christmas swap too? I've seen you around blogland I'm excited we're gonna be friends. We had a femal beagle and have a chocolate lab and they had an oops and I also have a little "Beagledore" now. She actually had two litters before she was hit by a car. They are the cutest pups! Looking forward to a fun craft filled year with you - Hugs Jen


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