Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award!!!

I was awarded the Stylish blogger award!!! Thank you to Carri at: ABusybee! For giving this to me!
To accept this award, I have to do the following:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 8 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.
5. Share 8 things about yourself:

Here goes:
I am a stay at home mom to 3 amazing children, and wife to my wonderful husband of 23 years.
I have 2 of the cutest dogs, Cocoa who is a chocolate Lab, and Daisy who is a very lazy and very (how should I say) Plump Chocolate Beagle.
I love crafting, any kind of crafting.
I am very critical of anything that I do make.
I am the messiest crafter known to man (or woman).
I am an extreme insomniac!
I am a certified, card carrying chocoholic!
I can not go through a day without my Diet Coke, not Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke.

Here are the 8 bloggers that I am passing this award onto. These are bloggers that I admire, and who have helped me start my blog, and have encouraged me along the way. Please check out their blogs and I am sure that you will agree!!

Congratulations, and thank you all!!


  1. Thanks so much for thinking of me :) You and I have some things in common. I totally love chocolate, I cannot see a single space on my desk that isn't covered with something - and it's a BIG desk, it's 1 am and I'm stuck wide awake. Have a fabulous day!

  2. thanks so much Karen! To put the award on my page I just saved the picture and uploaded it like a normal pic you are posting. Hope that helps! :]

  3. Hi Karen, Thank you so much for this award :-) I will post it on my blog in the next couple of days.

    Lisa x

  4. You welcome Lisa! Love all that you do!!


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