Friday, December 11, 2015

Failed You Tube Video!!

Hey Guys,
I was trying to do an updated video to my Lightbulb Christmas Ornaments, and my son told me that my life would be so much easier if I just made my YouTube videos on my IPhone!! So I said to my helpful son, Ok, I am all for making my life easier!! Well I got all set up, with a list of info that I wanted to talk about, and set my phone up, and started to make my video, after a while, I happened to notice that my phone had stopped taping 20 minutes ago!! Well this happened 6 times over 3 days, and I demonstrated my heart out, and it didn't work!! So anyway I am now so sick of making the ornaments, plus they were for orders, and I have used up my light bulbs, so I took pictures of the ornaments, and I will make a video as soon as I can get the feeling that I hate making Light Bulb Ornaments subsides!! So if you feel like you need to see a lightbulb ornament video, you go to my YouTube Channel Karen Driscoll you can see the first one, oh and by the way, almost 70,000 people have seen it, so there must be something good there!! I am being told that if all those people that if the people that have watched liked it and subscribed to my channel, I could get paid!!  That would not be bad!! That was a hint!! So Anyway, here are some pictures!! I hope you like!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sharing my good fortune with you!!

Hi Guys,
Wow!! I have not been here in a long time, and I have really missed it!! I am here today, because I really have to much stuff!! I am running out of places to put things!! I am also finding that I can't reall craft as much as I want to because of the Mess (Thanks what my husband calls it) I am selling things really, really, cheap!! If you are looking for anything, and I have it, I would to make a deal!! I would love a little so I can buy a few things that are on my list, and I would love for you to get things that are on your list without either one of us breaking the bank!!! Here are some pictures, if you see anything you like, just let me know!! I know that we can come up with a price to make us both happy!!!  I also have Cricut cartridges that are New and in the sealed boxes I have the following ones:

3 Tablescapes Fall and Wimter $
1 Just Because $15
2 Wall Decor and More $13
1 Just Because $15
1 Inspired Heart $10
1 Elegant Cakes $15
1 Birthday Cakes $15
1 Holiday Cakes $15
2 Trick or Treat $16
1 Forever Young $15
1 Everyday Paper Dolls $16
1 Damask Decor $16
1 Dino Play $16
1 Paper Dolls Teen Scene $16
2 Monster Mash $15
3 Ornamental Iron $30
1 Winter Wonderland $15
1 Autumn Celebrations $15
1 Gingerbread $13

I will be posting pictures, if you see something that you like, or need, or whatever just let me know!! I will be back to list things that are bigger but really if you are thinking of it I probably have it!!

Thanks for looking!!!  Karen♥

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Miss You All!!

Hi Everyone!!!!
Well after my trip, and getting rejuvenated from that amazing weather, I got the motivation that I needed to get back to work!!  I opened the door to my craft room for the first time since before Christmas!!  I know, I can't believe it either!! Many of you know that I have Lupus, and Fibromyalgia, and the wet cold winters do a number on my body, so I basically stop all activities for the winter.  Well I am back, and one thing that I did get done, was that I went through all of my supplies, and boxed up a lot of it, the things that I just had to have, and never touched, and the doubles of things that I guess I liked so much, that I bought them twice, (and sometimes 3 times) LOL Anyway, I will be opening these boxes, and I will be selling everything that is in them!! (well, unless I feel like I have to keep them!!)  So I will be selling new Cricut cartridges, Paper, embossing folders, dies, Spellbinder, punches, Martha Stewart, We are Memory Keepers, Stamps, Peechy Keen, Stampin Up, and miisc stamps, brads,grommets,buttons,ribbons, ect!!  I will be posting on
FB Karen Santosusso Driscoll  and on here.  So if you are looking for something, ask me before you go out and buy it, cause I just might have it!  Can't wait to get back to work!!!  Don't forget that Summer is coming I've seen it!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

HI everyone!!!

Well I know that you all have been here and I have not, I have gotten quite a few emails, so to answer everyone, I am great!! This has been an extremely long winter, to say the least!! I just got back from a cruise with my husband, our first vacation in 30 years!! It was amazing! The weather was incredible, the water was bluer than blue, and the sun was warm!! I now can officially say that there is warm weather and no snow on this planet! I have seen it with my own eyes! Here in Massachusetts we were thinking that there was no such thing as sun and warmness!! We have broken records for snowfall that has surpassed the blizzard of 1978!!  So I thought that I would post some pictures of my trip, to prove to you that Spring is coming!!  Thanks to all of you for checking on me, and I will be back, and I will be selling a lot of my stuff, cause I can't possibly ever use it all!! Karen♥

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