Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cameo vs Explore!

Hey guys!!
Well as I am trying to come up for air from what some people would call Crafter/Scrapbooker's Heaven and I am certainly not complaining, well, I guess I am kinda complaining, but there are so many "problems" that I could complain about, this should not be one of them!! I mentioned that I had bought the Cricut Explore, and I already had the Cameo, and I am trying, to decide which one I want to keep, well not trying to decide I have decided that I am going to keep the Explore!  I haven't really had time to actually play with the Explore, but I decided to keep the Explore because financially it makes the most sense.  I have so many cartridges, so the thought of not using them cause I feel like I have to have the next big thing, is crazy!  Not that I don't think that the Explore is the next big thing, because it is, but I have decided to sell the Cameo, I have a bunch of cuts in my Library, and I think that I can probably switch my acct to someone else, so I think that the Explore is much easier to use, I don't know if everyone has looked into the Explore, but there are a bunch of projects that you look at, and then if you want to make it, you just click on it, and if you own the cartridge that you need to make it then you just make it, and if you don't own the cartridge, then you just make it!  So, I don't know if that helped anyone decide what to do, but I hope so!  So, I am going to post the pictures to share with you what I have been dealing with and what has been keeping me away from all of you, and I know that has been a great void in all of your lives, and I can only imagine how difficult that has been on all of you and I am truly sorry!!  So here goes, and I need you to all sit down as you look at these pictures, and the good thing that will be coming from all this is that I have a few boxes of things that I have put aside to give away to all of you!!  Just a small token to make up for all this time that we have been apart!!  So here goes!!

OK So there it is, now it does look a little bit better now cause I have been working on it faithfully!  So I really hope to get back here soon, I miss crafting, and chatting with you all!! See you soon, Karen♥

Monday, October 20, 2014

Miss Y'all

Hey Y'all,
Well I might as well get right to it!!!!  I'M BACK!!!!!!  I have missed everyone so much!  I took a lot of the summer trying to get rid of some things that I hadn't used in a while.  I made some fun cakes, and I wish I could say that my summer was drama free!  I had my sale, and after advertising it all over Facebook, in every group that had anything to do with Paper,stamps, Cricut, Sizzix, Tim Holtz ect.  I also advertised on Craigs List, and also on every Yard Sale Group if the town of the group was an hour away and less, I stayed up night after night, getting everything ready, and I had 10 people show up on Saturday night, and 3 on Sunday!!!  I know, you all feel sorry for me, but not even as sorry as I feel for myself!!  So, I am gonna pick myself up, and all that jazz, and I bought myself a Cricut Explore, and as soon as I get my craft room in order, I will be back! I will be putting everything I am selling and I will be listing things that I will be selling on my FB Yard Sale groups, but mostly on my FB Group:  Scrapbook, Crafts, Cake, supplies, Sale N Attleboro, Area !!  TTYS,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Guys!!

I can not believe how much time has gone by since I was last here!!! I am in the middle of condensing my supplies, if anyone is looking , or saving for something particular, let me know, cause I probably have it, and I am selling it!! LOL  I did want to share with you some of the cakes I have been doing lately! I hope everyone is doing well, and I miss you all so much!  Karen♥

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi Everyone!!!
I have missed you all so much!! I have been sick, and really crafting is the last thing that I have wanted to do.  I never thought that those words would ever come out of my mouth.  I have been struggling with a lot of pain in my back, it is so bad sometimes that I can't stand for more than 5 minutes.  I recently had x-rays, and this is going to sound crazy but I was so hoping that it would show that there was something, and they could take it out, and everything would be great, but they just got the results, and they found that I have arthritis in my back.  So I feel defeated.  There is nothing that they can do, I am going to try physical therapy, and if that doesn't help, my Doctor will be doing more tests.  The thought of not being able to even stand at my kitchen sink to peel potatoes, is so depressing to me.  I am trying to keep my hopes up, and trying not to get depressed, and have a positive attitude, but I gotta say, it is not working out to well.  So I had committed to make a cake for my niece's 6th Birthday cake, and I thought that would take my mind off waiting for the test results, so I am able to work on the cake while sitting down, so I did get that done, but I just can;t seem to get into doing anything, so after never even getting started selling Stampin Up stamps, I am going to have to see if I can put that on hold, and just concentrate on feeling better.  I will be checking in with you all to see what AMAZING things that you have all been doing, and here is a picture of the Little Mermaid cake that I made.  I hope to get back chatting, and scrapping with you all!!  Karen♥

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